WITHIN WITHOUT is the title of the work created by Patrick Tuttofuoco running along the wallpaper that wraps around the entire apartment.

A game of contrasts between what is infinitely far away from us and what our intimate, domestic and personal space represents, this is the reflection that led the artist to realise a project that perfectly leads one to touch the Martian soil, a background upon which some objects dear to him stand out majestically. The necklaces, which articulate the space with forms of light and colour, are slightly blurred to instill an atmosphere of remembrance. A handful of gold threads and precious stones, belonging to his grandmother, a bead-stringer in Milan in the early years of the twentieth century, rediscovered by chance in a casket, they are a symbol of intimacy and emotional closeness, of warmth and family, which make us feel “at home”.

Within Without it has no beginning or end, it is not a pattern, it is an image that leads to an infinity that never repeats itself, a happy anomaly from the normal conception of wallpaper.


Patrick Tuttofuoco lives and works in Milan. His work is conceived as a dialogue between individuals and their ability to transform the environment they inhabit, exploring notions of community and social integration in order to combine immediate sensory attraction with the power to trigger profound theoretical responses.

Tuttofuoco mixes Modernism and Pop, pushing the figurative into the abstract, using man as a paradigm of existence, as the matrix and the unit of measurement for reality. From this interpretative and cognitive process, infinite versions of man and the context of his existence are produced, generating the forms which animate his creations.

Patrick Tuttofuoco has taken part in the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003, at Manifesta 5 in 2004, at the 6th Shanghai Biennial in 2006 and at the 10th Havana Biennial in 2009. His works have been exhibited in various institutions such as the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin and Casa Italia in Pyeongchang. In 2017 it was selected by the Italian Council for his ZERO project presented in Rimini, Berlin and Bologna. In 2019 he participated in the 10×100 contemporary art factory project promoted by the company Giovanardi Spa.


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