Donatella Spaziani is the artist who designed Traiettorie, or Trajectories, the title of the work running along the wallpaper that gently unfolds on two sides of the apartment.

Wallpaper is a recurring element in Donatella Spaziani’s work and symbolically represents a slice of space upon which the strokes of her designs are set out, even her own body when the drawings are silhouettes of her figure.

In CARTE, faint human shadows mix with floral elements animating the walls with a delicate game of suspension that defyies the laws of gravity. The stroke of the pencil in the artist’s hand converses with clippings of leaves, plants and flowers extracted from antique wallpapers, as in a hall of mirrors, a new generation of wallpaper grows out of the standard version by creating a short circuit between the traditional image of the wall-covering and its contemporary equivalent.


The central point of Donatella Spaziani’s artistic research consists in the dialogue between the external and the internal, between the body and the space which surrounds it. This inner life is the result of a poetic experience that flutters in a vaporised condition and becomes universal. The artist works to transform tangible reality by removing its traces. The experience emerges in signs where gravitational weight is suspended and the external moves back within. It is an “ever deeper escape into reality”.

Among the numerous exhibitions in which she participated we recall: MoCa–Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles in 2010, the Shanghai Universal Expo in 2010; New York Industry SuperStudio in 2011; National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow in 2011; CIAC – International Centere for Contemporary Art at Palazzo Colonna, Genazzano in 2015; MACRO Museum, Rome in 2016; Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, Chini Museum, Borgo San Lorenzo in the province of Florence in 2019.


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