Under the artistic direction of Giovanna Felluga the first project, inspired by AtemporaryStudio, is born, combining new ways of experiencing the hospitality and contemporary art.

Casa Trentini offers three fully-equipped apartments made up of a single environment in which the walls are the undisputed stars, thanks to the design of wallpapers created by internationally renowned artists, designed specifically for the property. Real contemporary art projects brought together in CARTEdition – the name of the wallpaper art collection. Riccardo Previdi, Francesco Simeti, Donatella Spaziani and Patrick Tuttofuoco are the first artists invited to begin a visual story which, just as in a relay race, will evolve over time, giving space to new artistic collaborations and updated environments.

Contrasting with art are the design and realisation of the interior, personally created by Fabio Pasini from the architectural firm Krej who has developed a new living solution, an alternative to the classic furnishing concept: at the centre of each room there are installations of iron and laminated glass which become, from time to time, parts of the lived environment. A solution that is part of a complete restoration concept for the rooms, blending into the shapes and colours of floors, accessories, with all materials in anthracite grey and black for a harmonious and functional overall effect. The neutral décor defines the space, thus leaving the walls free for the wallpaper to unfold, offering a unique artistic-architectural experience.

An unprecedented space resulting from working with a close network of suppliers who have created limited edition bespoke products: from RANDA seats, stools and armchairs designed by Lucidi Pevere for Arrmet personalised for Casa Trentini by Riccardo Meterc king of weaving who has been able to re-imagine the classic Thonet chair produced in the famous Manzano chair-making district (Udine) collaborating with large furniture design companies and with world-renowned designers – with interior glazing, the colour and transparency of which have been specially designed by Po.Lo Glass one of the leading companies in the sector.

Acting as a catalyst for the care shown by other production companies sensitive to art and contemporary culture, Casa Trentini also enjoys the support of illycaffè by hosting a dedicated corner inside each apartment and of Pinin Pero), sugar producers famous for their collection of artist-designed sugar sachets, who have created a unique sachet.
Casa Trentini is therefore a creative hub, a constant stimulus for new ideas, products and limited edition collections, which will make the time guests spend there both unique and special.

AtemporaryStudio, by Samantha Punis and Giovanna Felluga, expands to new territories where the two strands of research conducted by the two owners, design and art, become an integral part of the concept of hospitality, travel, vacation and stay. Casa Trentini was born as a pilot project for a new concept of hospitality in which custom services are combined with a way of living and enjoying art and totalizing and enveloping design. After years in which homologation and franchising have leveled the tastes and the precious differences of each culture, the Atemporary Art Apartments wish to underline and exalt the specificities of each place, person and context that characterizes them.

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